Sunday, September 18, 2011

Searching around

In just a few days we will start Fall!  My favorite time of year, we are closer to the holidays.  An exciting and special time.    We started with the hunt for Halloween costumes.  My daughter decided she wanted to be a butterfly this year.   So online shopping I go.....I found the most adorable website with butterfly costumes and accessories, just perfect!  Everything I think she will need.  The one problem......the entire costume, including all accesories it's over $100 without shipping.   Really?   How expensive!   I had to do some shopping for the week and I happened to park in front of Joann, you know the crafts store, so I decide to take a peak.    I'm walking around and find the skirt, the wings and the wand for a total of $22.   Everything happened to be 40%.  Wow!  What a bargain. 

And!  The most imporant thing?  She LOVED it!!   This mama is happy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So much and so little

Well, I've been away for a while.  Life just takes a turn in full force sometimes and things happen faster than expected.   Between work, helping with homework, soccer games and a move, time just got away from me and it seems things are slowly coming back to normal.

My daughter has soccer practice every Wednesday, thank God for my husband and him being able to take her to practices, unfortunately my schedule does not permit no matter how hard I try.  Between the hours and the commute, I could never make it in time to watch her practice.  BUT! I get to enjoy watching my little girl play on Saturdays.   

Recently, I've managed to add a job during my lunch hour that allows for me to have more flexibility and more time at home with my baby girl.  So, I've come up with the great idea of grocery shopping during my lunch break on Thursdays.   I can eat while I shop and when I'm done I can store things in my big cooler in the back of my car.   Now I hope for cool days on Thursday, would hate for the ice to melt!

Homework is another task I've managed in my schedule.  (I can't leave everything for my husband, he does work too).  So homework gets started about 30 minutes before I arrive, I get home and finish the homework with her.   I love sharing that time with her, followed by reading a couple of books at the end and getting her to bed.   And then...... FINALLY then, I can take those heels off and start relaxing for a bit.    Oh, I do need to fit dinner in there for my husband and I.   

And lastly, our move....well although we only have a few boxes left I think we're pretty much settled in our new home. 

I would love to know how other working moms do it to manage work, kids, husband and the house....I'm sure stay at home moms have ideas too.   At the end of the day, we're all moms with jobs.