Sunday, September 18, 2011

Searching around

In just a few days we will start Fall!  My favorite time of year, we are closer to the holidays.  An exciting and special time.    We started with the hunt for Halloween costumes.  My daughter decided she wanted to be a butterfly this year.   So online shopping I go.....I found the most adorable website with butterfly costumes and accessories, just perfect!  Everything I think she will need.  The one problem......the entire costume, including all accesories it's over $100 without shipping.   Really?   How expensive!   I had to do some shopping for the week and I happened to park in front of Joann, you know the crafts store, so I decide to take a peak.    I'm walking around and find the skirt, the wings and the wand for a total of $22.   Everything happened to be 40%.  Wow!  What a bargain. 

And!  The most imporant thing?  She LOVED it!!   This mama is happy!

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