Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's all about the hair......

My daughter’s soccer season starts next Saturday, and we got her uniforms at practice last Wednesday.   We look at the color and what do you know, it is a NEON CORAL!  What do we do with this color? What name do we choose with the girls?  Of course as their little minds are working together and are convinced the color of their uniforms is pink; they all start throwing names out there, unicorns, princesses, etc……..We all laugh, they’re so young and so little, everything they see is in the color pink and the princess world!    

As the name of the team gets decided “The Lollipops”, all the moms are looking at each other and we immediately think……THE HAIR BOWS AND RIBBONS!!  Where, how, what color, when, who?   I immediately start laughing as our biggest priority at that moment becomes “the hair”.  How are we going to accessorize their hairs for the games?   Funny thing is, I’m not a sports fan, I’m my daughter’s fan (as probably a lot of moms are) and not only do I look at uniforms but I look at their hair accessories   Yes, everything has to match!  So this is important.

What’s on my to-do list?  To find cute, bright, neon, coral color hair accessories…….So now the hunt has begun…..My priority for the weekend........the most important thing for the first game and the rest of the season, THE HAIR ACCESSORIES FOR THE TEAM!  



  1. Sounds like a fun season ahead. Can't wait to see what you come up with for her hair.

  2. Ah, the colour pink and hair ribbons... I have a boy. You would expect me to know nothing of these things, but my son loves the colour pink. Well, I'm not going to discourage him (he'll be socialized out of that preference soon enough). I wonder if he'd mind me doing up his hair in some nice ribbons. Hmm... :)

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  4. Wow! In all my years of sports activities with my kids I never heard of that for a team name!

    I wish I was searching for cute hair bows and not ugly orange socks for volleyball!

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  6. That's a cute name for a soccer team.. I love it. I hope you find some great hair , good luck.

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  7. oh I wish I had a daughter to do that with but I had a son and the coaches normally frown on hair bows :) Post the pics, I can't wait to see. Hopped over and followed from vb hopper.

  8. How cute :) I've got two boys playing soccer, so no lollipops or hair bows! Girls are fun to dress, though, aren't they?

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