Sunday, August 14, 2011

So it begins....

She started Kindergarten, she's so excited and I'm overjoyed with her being happy.   She survived the first 2 days but did I?   Wow!  Where do I start?

Now, we need to get up earlier to get her ready, make sure she brushes her teeth and gets dressed, and of course she needs to have a good breakfast.   The fun part?  She doesn't like to eat right after waking up, it's like her system is asleep in the mornings and so the struggle begins. 

Did I mention getting lunch ready?  Oh! I would love to know how everyone else does it, suggestions please!   Any ideas on what are the best foods to send to school?   Do I need to worry that food will spoil?   I sure hope I remember the name of the lunch box that was on that informercial a long time ago......

For now, I've decided to include an iced pack in her lunch box, of course making it heavier that she wants, but so the learning and getting used to continues.

So much to learn and so much to share.   


  1. Congratulations on your new blog and your new adventure as a mom to a kindergartener!!! Last year our youngest started kindergarten so now all three of my darlings are in school (which for us still does not start for 3 weeks!)! Very crazy mornings!! They have a lot of great things for lunch boxes now, I love the little ice paks that come in very cute shapes! You can find them at PotteryBarn but I have also seen them in Target. I love kindergarten, they are so cute!! Have fun! I'm now a happy follower! Very glad I found you on VoiceBoks!

  2. How exciting for your little one!
    And I am still struggling with lunches almost daily. sigh.
    Found you via voiceBoks.

  3. I cried like a baby when my daughter went. And when my son went. There are really cool websites out there where they do something called bentos. It's fun lunch box ideas. I don't want to pop a link in your comments but feel free to email me if you want a link or two to some. I am on a foodie site so a few people do them. I don't as my kids are older. I used to send cereal for my daughter as she hated sandwiches. Lots of salad too. Such an adventure you are beginning. Enjoy every second of it.

  4. oh gosh-- you're making me nervous for when my time comes!!! (which isn't for another 4 years, thank goodness!) Cute blog :) Coming over from vB and now following you on GFC. Would love a follow back when you get a sec to stop by my dessert blog!!

    {Sweet Treats Thursday} Thu-Sun